Why Use Smokeless Fuels?

Anthracite Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless Fuels can provide you with a third more heat output over normal house coal and can burn up to 40% longer in comparison. This means they can burn hotter and for longer resulting in refuelling your heating or cooking appliance less frequently. All together this can be more cost effective than burning regular House Coal.


Smokeless Fuels comes in several different forms. They come manufactured like our popular Brazier Smokeless Fuel and are also found naturally like our Anthracite Stove Nuts.

Anthracite is known as a ‘hard coal’ and extremely high in carbon up to 98% as well as very low in sulphur content. This produces virtually no smoke or particulate emissions, so is ideal for use in smoke controlled areas. Additionally, this fuel leaves no residual build up in your chimney reducing any potential fire hazard risks. The high carbon composition of these fuels provides you with a more efficient fire, leaves less remaining ash in your appliance and burns with an excellent dancing flame.

Manufactured Smokeless fuels are generally anthracite based, such as our Brazier Smokeless Fuel. Formed from the natural anthracite powder and re-formed into the briquette shape with a starch or Molasses derived binding agent. These are a more multipurpose fuel as they can be used in multiple appliances including Heaters, Open Fires and Multi-Fuels Stoves.

Choose the right fuel for your appliance?

We’ve put together a handy guide that will enable you to choose the right fuel for your appliance.
Choosing the right fuel >

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