Brackenburn Brackettes

100% Bracken
Long Burning
Good Heat Output
10kg Bags – Each bag contains 10 Brackettes.



Please Note: This product takes a little practice to light. We recommend a healthy bed of Kindling and a fire started with Kiln Dried Softwood. Once you have a your fire established add your Brackenburn Briquette.

Brackenburn Brackettes are made from 100% Bracken.

This Bio-fuel burns hotter and longer than oak due to its high calorific content.

The bracken is harvested from Fern when it goes brown. Its harvested, dried, cut and compressed together to create the Brackettes.

When the Bracken is harvested, it increases the bio-diversity of the land allowing flora and fauna to flourish.

10kg Bags – Each bag contains 10 Brackettes.

The Benefits of Bracken:

  • 100% Bracken
  • Long Burning
  • Good Heat Output
  • A local, renewable resource
  • Encourages Flora and Fauna Regrowth
  • Residue high in potash – a Natural Fertiliser


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Additional information


1 Bag – £5.99, 2 Bags – £11.00 Only £5.50 Each, 5 Bags – £25.00 Only £5.00 Each, 10 Bags – £50.00 Only £5.00 Each, 20 Bags – £100.00 Only £5.00 Each, 40 Bags – £188.00 Only £4.70 Each

Product Specification

Wood Species: Bracken
Wood Type: Bracken
Average Moisture Content:
Average Product Weight: 10kg
Log Lengths: 8 Inch
Heat Output:
Flame Effect:
Ease Of Use:
For Use On: Wood Burner, Open Fire or Chimineas
Hetas Approved: N/A
Smokeless Zone: N/A